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Apple A-Peel

 It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

Apple A-Peel

Every Tuesday on Facebook, I hold a party that features the same ingredient that I have used for my Zippy Tip video of the week.  All of my blogging friends share their recipes that include that particular ingredient.  It’s a cool thing for everyone, because all of the bloggers get a chance to show their wares, and all of the fans get a chance to save some pretty incredible recipes.

Last week’s Zippy Tip Tuesday party highlighted rosemary, and Melissa from brought us a most marvelously rich and flavorful Apple Core Chicken Stew.  In her blog post, she mentions how to always have apple cores and peelings on hand to add a fresh sweet flavor to soups and stews.  So I thought I’d pass this wonderful tip along to you in the video below!

Want more innovative recipes and tips from Melissa?  Visit

Want to learn how to be an apple peeling, coring and slicing rockstar?  Watch:  How to Peel, Core and Slice an Apple

Are you a blogger who has a great tip that could be made into a zippy informative video?  Just give me a shout!

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Watch it here:  Apple A-Peel

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