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I’m Sherry K, pianist, composer and national cooking contest finalist.  I’m also known as the Jazzy Gourmet, because when I’m home, I like to jazz up my meals. But don’t let the “Gourmet” image fool ya.  My no-fuss recipes are simple, affordable and fun to make!   I also have an extensive array of how-to videos, filled with jazzed up recipes, quick tips, gadget reviews and Learn-From-My-Mistakes advice. 


  • Do people complain when you bring the same boring casserole to a family gathering?

  • Are you a Follow-a-Recipe-to-the-Letter person who wants to improvise your culinary repertoire?

  • Do you love the taste of gourmet food but don’t want to spend a fortune in a fancy foo foo restaurant?

  • Are you a beginner who finds culinary classes to be too intimidating and/or expensive? 

    Then you’re in the right place!

    My exciting culinary journey started back in 2007, when I entered my first cooking contest.  It was the National Cornbread Cook-Off in South Pittsburg Tennessee, and I was a finalist with my Shrimp and Spinach Cornbread recipe.  I didn’t win, but I went on to be a finalist in the largest and most prestigious cooking competition in the nation (I’d tell ya the name, but the doughboy has rules).  It was through these experiences that I developed my passion for cooking and recipe inventing.  I was hooked!  That led to opening a side business online:  “Jazzy Gourmet“, where we sell gift baskets of homemade goodies and piano CDs (Sherry K, of course!).

    I live in South Bend, Indiana with my S.O. (Significant Other) and 2 dogs, Ella and Gracie.  I enjoy riding my motorcycle, tending my flower garden, and kicking back with a brew.  Life is good! 

    Motorcycle Momma                                    My Sweet Pups – Gracie and Ella



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1 comment to About Me

  • Hi Sherry! Thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. You do it all! How fun. I’d be super intimidated to be in a cooking contest but your first entry sounds divine!

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