Zippy Tips

Welcome to my Zippy Tips page!  

It is here that you will find video tutorials showing

How To:


Peel Butternut Squash in The Easy Way to Peel Butternut Squash

Freeze apple cores and peelings to save for use as a flavor enhancer in homemade soups and stews in Apple A-Peel

De-stem, chop, and use whole sprigs of rosemary in everything from salads to infused oil in Love Goes Where Rosemary Grows

Use Cooking Spray to Measure Honey

Store Vidalia Onions

Cook Sweet Corn without Shucking!

Salt Watery Vegetables to Draw Moisture

Prevent Fruit from Sinking in Cakes

Divide an Egg in Half

Freeze Bacon in Single Servings

Use a Wooden Spoon to Keep Water from Boiling Over

Choose An Apple a Day…

Trim, smash and cut lemongrass in Splendor in the Lemongrass

Ripen, peel and freeze Fresh Apricots

Store, dice, freeze and cook Rhubarb

Clean, dice, cook and freeze Fresh Strawberries

Prepare a Cookie Mise en Place

Store and measure Brown Sugar

Hollow out Orange Cups to use as serving vessels

Blanch Almonds

Make Homemade Almond Paste

Take Your Oven’s Temperature

Asparagus 101

Make Your Own Profiteroles

Store, Prep and use cilantro in Cilantro 101

Peel and Core a Pineapple

Test the Freshness of Eggs

Work with Phyllo Dough

Soften Honey

Roast Vegetables for Soup

Pop Perfect Popcorn on the Stovetop

Make Homemade Bread Dough

Get the Most Juice from Your Lemon

Peel a Pomegranate (without a mess)

Make Sugared Cranberries

Make Orange Supremes

Make Stovetop Potpourri

Prepare Spaghetti Squash

Make Homemade Chicken Stock

Peel Garlic

Snip Those Plastic Bag Handles!

Make Your Own Chili Powder

Peel, Core and Slice an Apple

Make Bagel Chips

Make Chocolate Nacho Pizza

Save Lemon Zest

Tearlessly Chop Onions

Grow Your Own Stevia Plant

Maintain Your Knives

Chop Fresh Herbs with a Chef’s Knife

Eliminate Baking Powder Rocks!

Slice and dice an avocado in Avocado Mayhem

Save Those Butter Wrappers!

Make Your Own Fresh Coconut Milk

Separate an Egg

Julienne a Carrot

Peel a Peach

Freeze Blueberries

Roast Peppers

Make Fresh Whipped Cream

Make Your Own Peanut Butter

Get Rid of Pesky Fruit Flies

Make, Store and Eat Ice Cream

Grill Fish on a Cedar Plank

Maintain Wooden Utensils and Cutting Boards

Roast Brussels Sprouts

-Mom always said it is nice to share!

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