S’ghetti-Q Squash

S'ghetti-Q Squash

I am most happy that I introduced spaghetti squash to my dad. In late summer/early fall, his garden patch is filled with melons and squash, but the squash are usually the butternut and acorn variety. Then about 10 years ago, I saved the seeds to a spaghetti squash […]

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Hot Peach Vidalia Cheese Spread

Hot Peach Vidalia Cheese Spread

I rode the bike to church Sunday, and one of the first persons I ran into was my friend Loanna. She was looking all forlorn because she said she had brought me something and wasn’t sure I could carry it on the bike. I got all excited because Loanna […]

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Asiago Portobello Cheese Souffle

Asiago Portobello Cheese Souffle by Jazzy Gourmet

With Arugula Chimichurri

To say that I’ve been “wickedly” busy for the last couple of weeks would be an understatement. Ever since I was invited to play in the pit for the local run of the national tour of the musical Wicked, I hit the ground with my feet […]

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