Chim Chimichurri Pizza

Chim Chimichurri Pizza

Summer isn’t over till the last zucchini or yellow squash has been sliced, shredded, pickled, grilled, stuffed or pulverized. And since we’re all pretty aware that I have done my duty to give us some new ideas in this category (Can we say Chocolate Cherry Zucchini Cake, Corn-berry […]

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Garlicky Thai Chicken Pizza

Garlicky Thai Chicken Pizza by Jazzy Gourmet

It is of my belief that all good savory recipes start out with garlic (and onions, for that matter). I don’t know, it’s like if the kitchen doesn’t wreak when I’m done cooking, I just haven’t accomplished my job properly.

Ya know what I mean?

As […]

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Turkey Cranberry Pizza Supreme

Turkey Cranberry Pizza Supreme

I’m thankful for so many things.

Every morning when I wake up, I am thankful for my bright, comfortable, spacious home. I am thankful for the two goofy pups that bring me so much joy. I’m thankful for employment, health and the best family and friends that […]

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Chocolate Nacho Pizza

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

Last weekend, my S.O. (Significant Other) and I went to the Saugatuck Brewery, in Saugatuck, Michigan. We enjoyed the most amazing hummus with homemade flour tortilla chips, but our ratio of chips to hummus leaned heavily on the chips, so we ended up bringing several of them home. Since […]

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