Prevent Fruit from Sinking in Cakes

Prevent Fruit from Sinking in Cake

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

Have you ever attempted to add fruit or chocolate chips to cake or muffin batter, only to have them sink to the bottom of the pan while baking?

Well, the technique in this video will help thwart off any such future baking […]

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Bread Dough Cornucopia

Bread Dough Cornucopia2

Whether you call it Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty, this symbol of abundance makes a great edible centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table! Symbolically, it represents a goat’s horn, which in Greek Mythology, broke off and became filled with fruit. Folklore has it that the horn is filled with […]

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How to Toast Nuts

Toasted Nuts

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

I remember the first time I tasted toasted nuts.

They were pecans in butter pecan ice cream, and I remembered thinking, why in the world would anyone NOT toast nuts in ice cream? Or in anything else, for that matter! The toasting […]

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