Working with Phyllo Dough

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

Phyllo dough is such a versatile asset to the kitchen.

Its crispy, crunchy texture lends itself nicely to any savory or sweet applications, and it works nicely in both healthy and decadent creations. For an example of phyllo dough used in a […]

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Holiday Spinach Bread Wreath

Holiday Spinach Bread Wreath

with Cranberry Spinach ‘Wow’ Dip

I learned something new this week.

I had been baking bread the last month or so, and sometimes the yeast didn’t activate. I couldn’t figure out why. I knew the date on the yeast was good. I even went out and bought new […]

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Homemade Bread Dough

Homemade Bread Dough

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

Do you love the taste of fresh baked bread straight from the oven, but think it is too much trouble to make?

Creating tasty bread from scratch seems like such a time-consuming, daunting task, but it’s easier than you may think! Most of […]

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Bread Dough Cornucopia

Bread Dough Cornucopia2

Whether you call it Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty, this symbol of abundance makes a great edible centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table! Symbolically, it represents a goat’s horn, which in Greek Mythology, broke off and became filled with fruit. Folklore has it that the horn is filled with […]

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