Corn-berry Cobbler

Corn-berry Cobbler

It’s not too often that I get to cook for my in-laws.

Two weeks ago, S.O.’s brother Eric (who lives a few hours away) brought their mother up here for a visit. I fixed a summer harvest feast of a supper: Caribbean jerk pork burger sliders with mini pretzel […]

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Summer Harvest Veggiecakes

Summer Harvest Veggiecakes

They’re taunting me.

It’s like they’re saying, would ya please come up with something?

I swear, that pile of zukes and yellow squash from Dad’s garden is multiplying when I’m not looking. I’ve made the usual suspects–zucchini bread, zucchini casserole, zucchini boats, sautéed […]

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Fresh Blueberry Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Blueberry Sweet Corn Ice Cream

I entertained a lovely group of nice young ladies (grades 5-9) at a fine arts camp this week, and at the end of my presentation, one of them asked how long it takes me to compose a piece of music.

I said it varies.

Sometimes […]

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Chicago Style Cashew Crunch

Chicago Style Cashew Crunch

Any Chicago peeps out there know that the place to go for popcorn in the Windy City is Garrett’s Popcorn Shop.

If you’re in the city and don’t know where it’s located, all you have to do is stick your whiffer in the air and the wafting […]

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Chili Con Fixin’s

Chili Con Fixin's

There’s a tradition in our family during the fall and winter months, where we all gather down at my grandma’s house and eat chili. I am in charge of bringing the chili, and everybody else brings the “fixin’s”.

What are fixin’s?

Well, that depends on […]

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Fresh Corn and Watermelon Salad

Fresh Corn and Watermelon Salad

For years and years, my dad has always put out the best garden.

As he toils and fusses over every square inch, the end result is a bountiful plot of land, brimming with the best veggies and fruits from the finest Indiana soil. And even with […]

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