Caribbean Munch

Caribbean Munch

I hope you all had a great Christmas.

We certainly did. The only real hitch came a couple days before Christmas. I made about 1/2 dozen Holiday Spinach Bread Wreaths to take to friends and neighbors. With just 3 more to go, my KitchenAid mixer decided to […]

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Make Your Own Fresh Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

Want to make your own fresh homemade coconut?

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is!

Just add 2 parts warm water to 1 part unsweetened coconut in the blender.

Pulse lightly a few times, and then run the […]

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Chocolate Nacho Pizza

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

Last weekend, my S.O. (Significant Other) and I went to the Saugatuck Brewery, in Saugatuck, Michigan. We enjoyed the most amazing hummus with homemade flour tortilla chips, but our ratio of chips to hummus leaned heavily on the chips, so we ended up bringing several of them home. Since […]

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