Garlicky Thai Chicken Pizza

Garlicky Thai Chicken Pizza by Jazzy Gourmet

It is of my belief that all good savory recipes start out with garlic (and onions, for that matter). I don’t know, it’s like if the kitchen doesn’t wreak when I’m done cooking, I just haven’t accomplished my job properly.

Ya know what I mean?

As […]

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Choco-Chili Chicken Wings

Choco-Chili Chicken Wings

Every Sunday evening, my S.O. and I have “splurge night”, where we allow ourselves to have something a bit (OK, maybe a lot) more decadent than our usual weekday fare.

So why Sunday, you may ask? Well, we have tried putting splurge night on Friday or Saturday, […]

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Smoky Persimmon Cranberry Compote

Smoky Persimmon Cranberry Compote

You know how some recipes start out by accident?

Well, I was in the middle of making cranberry sauce when my S.O. called and was lost coming home from a conference in a nearby state. I ran to the computer to get directions, came back to my […]

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Sweet ‘N Chunky Peach Pecan BBQ Sauce

Peach Pecan BBQ Sauce

I love me some Q.

I’ll admit it.

From Texas to Memphis to KC, I could just Q myself across the country.

And I don’t limit my BBQ infatuation to big slabs of ribs, brisket and shoulder either.

Slather up some […]

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Thai Ginger Coconut Chicken Soup

Thai Ginger Coconut Chicken Soup

I love soup, but I’m not crazy about the canned variety. Most commercial brands leave me parched from the enormous salt content (Who needs more water retention?!), while the “healthy” ones are pretty darned tasteless, if you ask me. I’ve tried combining the two, but something was still lacking–freshness, maybe? Yeah, that’s it. So […]

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