Adjustable Measuring Cup

Adjustable Measuring Cup

Well, I’m still a bit under the weather this week, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to pull out another video from the archives. This time though, I’m posting a video from my Gadget Goldmine series that features the adjustable measuring cup.

I’m […]

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Salad Xpress

…and Guest Post by Yours Truly!

First of all, I am absolutely deeelighted that I am guest posting over at Addicted to Recipes today. This is my first experience at guest posting and I am just giddy with excitement! Dawn over at Addicted to Recipes, is a great host, and I know you […]

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Adjustable Measuring Spoons

Adjustable Measuring Spoons

How many times do you fumble through your kitchen drawer, searching for all the measuring spoons you need for a recipe?

If your drawer is as messy as mine is (oh we’re not even going to go there!), then it is quite the monumental task. And […]

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The thought of buying pre-grated cheese or ground nutmeg just doesn’t occur to me anymore, since purchasing my handy dandy Microplanes.

Buying whole wedges of cheese and grating them myself is a snap, and the end result is so much tastier than its counterpart.

Want […]

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