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Cilantro 101

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Cilantro 101 by Jazzy Gourmet

Cilantro–it seems that people either love it or hate it.

An herb from the coriander plant, cilantro makes a great addition to salsa, salads, soups (see my Thai Ginger Coconut Chicken Soup), even pizza (such as my Garlicky Thai Chicken Pizza).

Its fresh, vibrant flavor is very complementary to strong fiery ingredients, like garlic, ginger or chile peppers.

Cilantro is most popular in Mexican and Southeastern Asian cuisine, but it’s gaining popularity in the good ol’ U.S. of A!

So for some ideas in storing, prepping and using cilantro in various ways, just watch the video below:

Can’t see video?  Watch it here:  Cilantro 101

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4 comments to Cilantro 101

  • I am one of those who loves cilantro, and find it hard to image anyone doesn’t. The fresh flavor it brings is wonderful. I always have some growing in the yard for easy access. I let the plants go to seed in the fall, and harvest the seeds (coriander) for drying too. Love your tips!

    • Sherry K

      I totally agree about cilantro bringing a fresh flavor to dishes. I’m going to try your trick about harvesting the seeds in fall, thanks!

  • Now… you must know I have waited for this video all day. I saw that it was Cilantro but didn’t have a chance to watch until now. I L.O.V.E. cilantro {yes, it’s true – I am a “Team Cilantro” Cheerleader!. I am not ashamed}. I am sure you saw my feisty cilantro plant in my recent Arepas post. I just made the Hubs watch this with me because:
    A. I love your videos and
    B. we must make that sauce.

    XO, Claire

    • Sherry K

      Let’s hear it for Team Cilantro! And I must say that your cilantro plant beats them all! Let me know how you like the sauce. It gets used a lot around here.

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