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Tearlessly Chop Onions

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

Tearlessly Chop Onions by Jazzy Gourmet

As I lie here in bed with a bad case of chills and a pain that feels like I’m swallowing razor blades, I realize that the final voiceover editing that I was going to be doing for todays’s Zippy Tip video is just not going to happen.  Heck, I barely made it through a full day of rehearsals yesterday before coming home, cranking the electric mattress pad to the max, and crashing for the night.  The nervous pups have kept vigil by my bedside, making sure I don’t croak.

So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to pull out an archive Zippy Tip video on chopping onions without shedding a tear.  In the original post, I list the various methods I have attempted to thwart off shedding tears when chopping onions.  I’ve tried lighting a candle next to the cutting board.  I’ve tried holding the onion under water while chopping it (not easy!).  I’ve tried not cutting through the root end.  I’ve tried chopping the onion while holding my nose, drinking a glass of water, eating a spoonful of sugar and holding my breath! (Wait, I think those are remedies for other ailments…)

And it’s not like I was going to stop chopping onions just because of the pain and sorrow it brought to my tear ducts.  After all, onions are at the top of my all-time favorite ingredient list, next to garlic of course.

So imagine my elation when I discovered that wearing goggles actually works!   Now I’ve seen that there are goggles out there specifically designed for this purpose, but I must say that my motorcycle goggles work just fine.  Hallelujah, no more tears!

Tearlessly Chop Onions by Jazzy Gourmet

OK, time to stop rambling now (whilst in my Advil Cold & Sinus stupor) and hit the hay.   In fact, I think I have heard that onions have medicinal effects; so if you know of such tips to help me kick this current bug, please list them in the comments below.  Who knows, maybe your tip might be featured in a future Zippy Tip video!

Watch video here:

Can’t see video?  Watch it here: Tearlessly Chop Onions

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