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Peel a Pomegranate (without a mess)

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

I’ll never forget the first time I busted into a pomegranate.

Not knowing what I was doing, I cut it in half and of course, bright red juice squirted everywhere.  If you had looked at my cutting board, my hands, my knife, my shirt, you would have thought I had lobbed off a finger or something.

Then I attempted to meticulously remove all the seeds by plucking them one by one from the membrane.  At that point, I figured I would just stick with pomegranate juice, since the process seemed to be too much of a mess.

But then one day in my local grocery store flyer, there were instructions for removing the pomegranate seeds under water.  So I purchased another pomegranate (which I’m sure was the impetus for their instructions in the flyer!) and proceeded to give it a shot.  Wow, how easy was that!  It probably took me 5 minutes to do, and cleanup was very minimal.

Now I wouldn’t harvest those tasty little red jewels any other way.

Watch video here:

Can’t see video?  Watch it here How to Peel a Pomegranate (without a mess)

Mom always said it is nice to share!

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