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Maintain Wooden Utensils and Cutting Boards

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday!

If properly maintained, wooden utensils and cutting boards are capable of lasting a lifetime; but how should we maintain them?  

Well, start by washing them immediately after using them.  Avoid letting them soak in water for long periods of time.  

Never wash them in the dishwasher.  Instead, wash them by hand with warm sudsy water and dry thoroughly.  

Rub with a lemon wedge to thwart off bacteria and germs.  An added bonus is that it leaves a clean fresh lemon scent!  

Periodically, apply mineral oil to keep the wood from drying out.  Want to know more?  

Watch this video:

Can’t see video?  Watch it here:  Maintain Wooden Utensils and Cutting Boards

So, what’s your favorite wooden utensil?

Mom always said it is nice to share!

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