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Freezing Blueberries

It’s Zippy Tip Tuesday! 

Without a doubt, my favorite way to consume blueberries is straight off the blueberry bush.  Not only are they tasty, but they are so darned good for us too.  So rather than depriving myself of these precious little blue gems the rest of the year, I freeze them.  But merely sticking them in the freezer may result in a huge lump of berries, so I take the following approach:

Wash berries.  Pat dry.

Spread out on a baking pan.

Freeze for at least an hour.

Place in plastic bag, seal and put into freezer for future use.

That way, berries will remain loose, so that I can take out whatever portion I desire.

Watch video here:


Can’t see video?  Watch it here:  Freezing Blueberries

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