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Farm Fresh Eggs

I was driving along one day and noticed a sign that said “Organic Eggs $1.00” in front of a farmhouse on our road.  Having never bought fresh organic eggs straight from the farm before, I stopped to get myself a dozen.

I was met at the door by Virginia, who said “How many dozen, hun?”  I said “One, please!”.  (Heck, for a buck, I guess I could have gotten a couple, but I thought I’d see what the whole farm-fresh experience was all about.)

Well before I knew it, I was being handed an array of brown, white and blue eggs that were busting the seams of the carton.  They were big and beautiful!

OK, so how did they taste, compared to their store-bought counter parts?  There was no comparison.  They were so deliciously creamy and rich, with large bright golden yolks.

A few days later, I knocked on Virginia’s door and said “Two dozen, please!”.  She looked at me like she knew I was hooked.  “Wanna see the babies?”, she asked.  Why not?  So the next thing I knew, I was taking a tour of the house where the” girls” who lay my beautiful eggs reside.

Let me tell you, these girls have it made.  Not only are they cage-free, but they have the run of the farm, nibbling on various goodies from the garden and roaming till their heart’s content.

Want to see Virginia and the “girls”?

Watch video here:

Can’t see the video? Watch it here: Farm Fresh Eggs

Mom always said it is nice to share!

6 comments to Farm Fresh Eggs

  • For $!?! That is insane. Farm fresh free range in my area goes for $4.50 at best! I couldn’t buy standard grocery store eggs for $1. What a sweet deal. There really is nothing tastier than a truly farm fresh egg.

  • Tammy Stoneburner (Whitteberry)

    Hi Sherry.

    Love this field trip. I for one have not liked the taste of fresh eggs. Probably because I am not used to them. This lady is really cheap on her price. I did like the information that was given in this video. Learned quite a few things.

    Keep up the good work. Enjoy watching your videos. Miss hearing you play the piano at Amish Acres though.

  • Liz

    Sherry, can you please tell me where this farm is located? I have been looking in South Bend for a local egg farmer!

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